We love Making video as well as writing. By doing it, we can express and preserve every beat of our passion to the community. Basically, our content will be more about computer, software and hardware.. But some other time we might jump out of the topic and posting something totally random .. Just don’t judge and stay calm.  


Computer services (Windows Machine Only)

We provide online and on-site computer services to help you get rid of the most common computer software problems. Contact us to get quotes Now. ( Tel: 016-7791085   E-mail: admin@chalbrain.com)

Photo & Video Editing

We provide Professional Photo and Video Editing that will blow your wallet..opps, i’m joking.. that will blow your headache away yet come with affordable price for you. We do Photoshop editing (Photo manipulation, Background removal, poster, etc) and Short Epic Video Trailer, Wedding Video compilation, Speech video, Political campaign and so on. Get your Quotes Now. (Tel: 016-7791085 / email: admin@chalbrain.com)

Logo Animation

Logo Animation for your Video Opening or whatever you wanted to use it for. (Usually used by professional youtuber, streamer, online news portal to catch their customer confidence..oh really?). Talk to Me 😉 

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